About Us

General Manager

Welcome to ABDULLA AL-MIS'HAL CONTRACTING CO.. Since its foundation in 1980, ABDULLA AL-MIS'HAL CONTRACTING CO., has been able to be one of the leading establishment in four business areas: Contracting, Air Conditioning, Technology, and Catering in Jubail City and Jubail Industrial City in the East Province of Saudi Arabia.
Our strategic objectives are focused on achieving our vision and mission to be a leading and distinctive establishment that uses the best concepts in management science and information technology to provide quality services and international standards in safety, health and the environment in all our business activities.
On this basis, our company has achieved remarkable strides since its foundation, making it a prominent position in all its main provided business services. For its hard work, our company has received many awards and certificates of excellence from our customers, especially in projects that have been completed for the industry such as SABIC, Saudi Aramco, Tasnee, Sasref and Sadara.
Our success is impossible without having a clear vision, precise goals and highly qualified teams of professionals and qualified engineers and administrators who are keen to execute all of our services with high quality, honesty, sincerity, accuracy, integrity and safety in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030.
It is also our goal to share knowledge and experience and establish strong relationships with our business partners to ensure providing the best service to our clients.
We are also keen to create a stimulating work environment in which our employees feel the importance of teamwork and values ​​based on mutual trust, respect, appreciation, integrity, transparency and excellence in all their tasks, duties and responsibilities. It is also one of our goals that we are proud to participate in the development of our society through our support to the charity and social organizations which are officially authorized by the Saudi government.
Finally, I can only thank the team behind these successes, and thank you for visiting our website and hope that your visit is valuable and you get the information that you are looking for. At the same time, your ideas and suggestions to improve our website is highly appreciated.
Thank you to all.
Abdullah Mubarak Al-Mishal
General Manager


To be a leading and distinct company in the Kingdom which provides high quality of General Constructions, Air Conditioning, Information Technology and Catering that meets our customers’ requirements.


To use best technologies and management to achieve our vision in the most innovative technique and that complies with the international standards of quality, safety, health and working environment.

Cooperative Objectives

Towards Nation:

To participate in achieving the Kingdom 2030 vision through implementing our projects on a high level of sincerity, accuracy, standards and quality.

Towards Our Clients :

To provide high level of accuracy, integrity and honesty in accordance to the international standards in all projects implemented.

Towards Society :

To participate in the development of society through the support of charities and social development which are officially authorized by the government.

Towards our Employees :

To create a stimulating work environment in which employees feel the importance of the spirit of teamwork and the promotion of values ​​based on mutual trust, respect, appreciation, integrity, transparency and excellence in all tasks and responsibilities assigned to them.

Towards Our Partners :

To share knowledge and experience through establishing strong relationship with our partners ensuring better services to our customers.