Main departments

Refrigeration and air conditioning

Air Conditioning

The Air Conditioning Department was established with the beginning of the general contracting activity. This work is done by a group of highly experienced engineers in the same field with a number of skilled specialists and supervisors graduates from technical institutes. This activity includes the supply and installation of all types of air conditioning (window air conditioner, split air conditioner, wall air conditioner, package air conditioner, air handling units, chillers). In addition, the supply and installation of ducts including internal and external insulation, supply and installation of cladding for air conditioning, supply and installation of air outlets as drawings, supply and installation of ice water network (pipes - valves), and washing the ice water network. .

Work style

1. Pricing the conditioning items for the project by studying the schedule of quantities, drawings and technical specifications. 2. Engineering design of air conditioning items by calculating thermal loads and reviewing drawings before implementation. 3. Approval of materials required for installation and implementation by the owner of the project. 4. Study the schedule of adjustment items for the project to calculate the actual cost of the project. 5. Implementation of air conditioning items for the project according to specifications and drawings as delivered to the owner. 6. Making the final drawings according to the project and handing over the guarantee papers. 7. Operation of air conditioning units including air conditioning works. 8. After-sales services for a specific period as per the contract with the project owner. .